Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Hip! Are you?

I'm feeling exceptionally "hip" these days. I'm using words like "twitter", "facebook", and "smart phone". And, I'm not just using them, I actually know what they mean! I can usually hold my own when the teens are talking technology in our Wednesday night bible class at church. Overall, I am quite impressed with myself!

Of course, if truth be told, I seldom twitter (I only have a handful of followers so far); I can't figure facebook out - all the virtual farms, poking, etc. makes my head spin!; and my smart phone makes me feel anything but smart! But, nonetheless, I still find myself jumping on board with the newest and latest technology, figuring that I'll catch on eventually, and in the mean time, I won't get left behind!

All these new gadgets and technology in my life can't help but get me thinking about the church. (With a preacher for a husband, my mind is often on church. I just can't help it!) Why do we shy away from change? From the things that modernize us? Things that keep us connected to the culture we live in? Things that could help us reach those in our community? I may not be used to something, even comfortable with it, but I'm more than willing to give it a shot if it will ultimately bring glory to my God. Call me crazy, but I desire to see growth a heck of a lot more than I desire seeing everybody looking comfortable. Shouldn't we all want that? I want to be the church that can keep up with our culture, whatever it takes, so that we don't get left behind. Doesn't it seem like time to finally jump on board and get "hip"?