Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Opportunities in Odd Places

Okay. . . you'll never believe this one. I had one of those, "I've never experienced this before," moments the other day. For those of you who have nursed your children, you know that sometimes you have to feed them in some pretty unique places. I've fed my son in numerous bathroom stalls, in empty sky boxes at ballgames and workshops, in parked cars in countless parking lots, and the list goes on. But, until the other day, I had never fed Oliver in a room full of caskets. Oh, yeah, you read it right. . . caskets! You see, our church is meeting in a funeral home right now. (Long story. I'll have to blog about that another time.) So, when he needed to be fed the other day, I had to look for a room that was private, and the only space available was the coffin room. It was just me, Oliver, and 14 caskets! Sounds creepy, I know. Oddly, it wasn't. It was peaceful. It was quiet. It was humorous. I am always looking for what to blog about next. I am never quite prepared, however, for the situations that come my way!! I told everyone after church that it wasn't bad, in fact, I'd had fun picking out the caskets I liked best and thought were the prettiest! What a wild experience!

Of course, the crazy-coffin-room-feeding-place made me do a little thinking. Sometimes, we judge people or situations by how they look or how we "think" they are rather than reality. We tend to get "creeped" out when something is out of our comfort zone, and we miss amazing opportunities. Opportunities to share Jesus with someone who desperately wants to know Him. Opportunities to shine in a dark workplace or school or neighborhood. Opportunities during the storms to find peace in the One who is in control. The opportunities are limitless. And, my experience the other day taught me that I don't want to miss any of them!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Remember "Peg Leg"

It's a good thing I like to exercise because I'm getting my fair share of it at the moment. No, I'm not trying out a new fitness routine. . . I'm chasing after my eight-month-old. That's right, Oliver is crawling! And, he is on the move! Places to explore. Things to get in to. He started to crawl while we were at my sister's house a couple of weeks ago. It's actually quite a cute sight. He can crawl normal, but he prefers the peg leg method. Hence his new nickname, "Peg Leg" Spencer! I'm sure you can picture it . . . crawling around in normal form except for that one crazy, stiff, straight-as-a-board, left leg. It's amusing. His new ability to get around may keep us on our feet, but it's worth it. It's fulfilling to watch him as he figures out the world around him. He's inquisitive, excited, and busy. He literally can't sit still any longer.

That makes me think. . . shouldn't our lives be like that as Christians?! On the move. People to see. A difference to make. We should be busy and excited and desperate to share Jesus with the world around us. It doesn't matter if we have limitations; we can still accomplish great things for Him. Doubt that thought? Just remember "Peg Leg" Spencer. All we need is one good "leg" to stand on. . . one "dream", one "talent", one "desire", one "purpose", one " ___"(you fill in the blank). Just imagine what would happen if we, as Christians, couldn't sit still any longer either!!